Its Been a While! Original team is Back!

Hail Downloaders!

First of all, I would love to thanks all loyal visitor. Im Kazu, The head admin of mediafireanime. Actually the site has been up and down. I have been working hard to get this domain back from the previous owner. There is a reason behind the downfall of the site and the previous managment.

The new year of 2011 was a great success to getyouranime team to establish website, a center of mediafire anime links download. Thanks to our powerful team Moderators lead by Mayu and fellow uploaders Ingrid, Zen and Mika and me as the site Admin Kazu. After a while, the site brought down by because of high traffic on shared webhosting. They tried to force the team which working freely to purchase 100 USD++ Dedicated server to bring our site back. So we turned down the offer and let the site fall without trace and notice to our loyal follower. Back then we dont have such facebook page and twitter account so we couldnt lead them to our new project.

 On early July of 2011, We're back again to action and now we have planned our website carefully. Head admin kazu was determine to do it again and finally was born. This site was second to site in terms of performance and site visitors. The site made a successful debut to anime downloaders and regain back some of our pervious site fan. The site made 12k unique Visitors in 1 months after officially launched back then. The downfall of the team start when mod mayu left the team for some reason. And this leads to the decision to sell the site to new owner in the end of 2011. The transaction done and all the team left after the new owner set foot on the site. The mediafire anime never looks like what it was after the changes.

Not to blame the previous owner, the site last until mid 2012 and dead. The domain was left behind and Kazu is back with new admin kaiserr on start raising a new project called AnimeNo.
It is Co-Op project between them. You can visit . A new website to direct download anime from them. Not to mention we have a good news to fans.

We're back! Even though not all getyouranime team is back, for the time being, Mayu and Ingrid is around the corner alongside with Kazu and new admin kaiserr. We all going to rebuild mediafireanime soon. Stay Tuned.
Please visit our current project website
Any recommendation or suggestion, please contact me at .

Admin Kazu